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Easy And Effective Abs Workout Routine At Home


We always complain that we have very little time to spend working out. In actuality there is a very effective abs exercise that is not time consuming but will give you flat and sexy tummy. We all have a particular exercise that we love and also have ones that we despise. There are a number of reasons why do we like a particular exercise, and this is especially true for abs workouts. One of the reasons is because their exercise of choice has given the wanted result. Abs exercise is loved by many people because, let’s face it, there is nobody who likes to have a fat stomach. This is also the reason why most fitness training programs put abs exercise as a must on their schedule. But still there is one thing that needs to be pointed out: the term “effective” in one person is not equally “effective” in other people. So, it might be safe to say that the following exercise might not be effective for all people, but you should still try them out, especially if you can do the entire exercise from home.

5 Easy And Effective Abs Workout

  1. Long arm crunches
    abs workout routine long arm crunchesIf you are a novice then you are probably thinking,“What a weird name that is,” and, “It must be a difficult exercise.” Well, the practice is not all that difficult and it is in fact only a variation of your normal crunches, however it is a lot more effective compared to regular crunches. In order to do the exercise, you should extend both of your hands over your head and lie on the floor. Place your feet on the floor and fold your legs. Lift both your hands and your torso off the floor, bring your chest to your knees while keeping both of your arms extended. Afterwards, return to your initial position and do the entire process again for 10 to 12 reps in 2 sets.
  2. Exercise ball abs crunches
    abs workout routine exercise ball abs crunchesThis exercise is very effective to train your abdominal muscles, especially for woman. You are going to need to prepare an exercise ball before doing the practice. Sit on the ball by resting your mid/lower back and place both of your hands across your chest or behind your head. Squeeze your abs in order to lift your upper body of the ball, pulling your rib cage down. Since your lower back is on the ball, your abs will get a nice stretch thus creating an effective movement. Start off with 10 reps and gradually increase the number.
  3. Bicycle maneuver
    abs workout routine bicycle maneuverThis is one of the most effective abs workouts in the world. Place your fingers on your head while lying on the floor; put your knees to your chest. Lift your shoulder blades up from the floor, straighten your left leg while simultaneously turning your upper body and putting your left elbow to your right knee. Afterwards, switch sides for about 10 to 12 reps. You should also make sure that you are not breathing while doing this exercise.
  4. Captain chairs
    abs workout routine captain chairsMost people think that they need to visit the nearest gym to be able to do this exercise. But actually, you do not need to do so as long as you have a chair with a hand rest on it. Stand on a chair and hold the handle in order to stabilize your body. Lean your back to the pads and squeeze your abs to lift your knees and legs toward your chest. Lower them slowly. You might face some difficulty performing this practice the first time, but you do not have to worry, give it a few days and you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed.
  5. Reverse curls
    abs workout routine reverse curlsIt is another effective and efficient exercise for your abdominal muscles. Bend your knees to a 90 degree angle while lying on the floor and your arm rested on the floor also. Squeeze your abs in order to curl off your hips while trying to reach your legs above. Remember, you should exhale when squeezing the muscle and inhale only when returning to the initial position.

Along with the above abdominal exercises, you should also do some strength exercises in order to build more muscle on your body as well as some cardio exercise to get a flat and sexy tummy.


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