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Fastest Way to Get Six Pack Abs in 12 Weeks


If you do not have any gym equipment at your house, this does not mean you cannot get a beautiful six pack. The key to getting the envied six pack abs are to stay focused and make sure that your body has the required attributes. There are a number of men who focus on getting ideal abs, but it is also advised for you to focus on other body parts in order to achieve ideal body shape.

6 Effective Steps To Get Six Pack Abs

The following are some steps you should do to get a great body build:

  1. Try some sprinting
    fastest way to get a six pack abs try some sprintingWell, for someone who is already used to sprinting every morning, obviously this is a very interesting activity and you will feel you can do it all day long. However, if you are still a beginner, you should start your sprinting with light jog fora duration of 5-15 minutes and increase the pace every 30 seconds. Sprinting should be the starting point because this activity can burn calories a lot faster when compared to the other exercises and it can also increase your body’s metabolic rate. 20 minutes is the maximum time you should do this exercise. In addition, it can also reduce stomach fat.
  2. Mountain climbing
    fastest way to get a six pack abs mountain climbIf you are thinking about climbing a mountain to burn more calorie or fat faster, then you are way off the mark. There is an exercise that you can do at home while achieving the same results. Place your hands on the floor and your legs in an unstable stance. Your right leg should be placed under your chest. If everything is in place, hop a little in the air so that you can put your left leg stretched forward. Swing your leg forth and back 10 times in a steady motion.
  3. Burpees
    fastest way to get a six pack abs burpeesThis is another great exercise that can help you on your journey to building great abs. You should split your legs apart, put yourself in squat position and your hands must touch the floor. From that position, bring your legs backwards and keep your back straight at the same time. Try to squeeze your abs as soon as your toes reach the floor and your body is in the push up position. Maintain this position and then move up to a standing position. This exercise should be performed as long as 20 minutes.
  4. Bicycle maneuvers
    fastest way to get a six pack abs bicycle maneuversThis exercise has been proven effective since long ago. Place your hands behind your head and lift your legs and bend both of them to 90 degree angle. Lift your shoulder off of the floor and at the same time move the opposite knee and elbow to each other as well as straightening your other leg. Move like a pendulum by swapping knee and elbow positions for 20 minutes. It might be hard at the beginning, but you know that practice makes perfect.
  5. Russian twist
    fastest way to get a six pack abs russian twistBefore you do this exercise, you should prepare a water jug. You might be wondering why you should prepare a jug, but it is an important item to make this exercise become more efficient. Sit on the floor and bend your knee slightly, put your heels on the flood with your chest leaning on the jug. Twist your torso to the right and at the same time move the jug as far as your hands can stretch. Twist your torso up and down the similar way as the right one. Repeat the process for 20 minutes.
  6. Deck Squats
    fastest way to get a six pack abs deck squatsIt is a very simple exercise and everyone can do it with ease. Rest your arms at your sides while standing on your feet. Afterwards, dip yourself to a squat position and touch your butt to the floor and roll back. Swing both of your legs over your head and swing your arms to the side. Once the initial move is done, let your toes touch the floor and make a pendulum motion; roll your body forward while maintaining your feet on the floor. You should perform this exercise for a duration of 20 minutes.

All of the above abs exercises are very effective and havebeen tried by a number of people. Getting great abs can be easy, but only if you know how to do it correctly.


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    And don’t forget to nail down your diet and weight lifting routine!

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