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A Review of RushFit: The Basics, Workouts, Some Merits and Drawbacks


You do not have to be an athlete, firefighter, or in the military to get started with metabolic conditioning. Whether you are a woman, man, or, whatever your occupation is, you all have the chance to lose weight, get a perfect healthy body or build muscle mass through training and workouts. As far as health and fitness, there are products that claim they can turn your body into the best shape ever, and one of them is RushFit. You may have seen it on your TV; very appealing and engaging, right? Well, RushFit is a home fitness program offering eight short weeks of training in order to help you build muscle, lose weight and also get in shape regardless of your age, ability, and even fitness level. While you are searching for the best home fitness program, reading this review will provide essential information, and give an explanation of both the merits and drawbacks of RushFit.

RushFit Basics

RushFit ReviewRushFit claims to present an ultimate home fitness program which offers eight weeks of training and workouts with the creator, Georges St-Pierre, with the help of his trainer, Erik Owings. The overall appeal of RushFit is widely considered to be very engaging despite the fact that the production scale is smaller than other products.

1. Program Goals, Format and Details

The ultimate goals of RushFit are always consistent with the goals of metabolic conditioning, namely losing weight as well as improving condition and also definition. The program emphasizes muscle endurance rather than muscle strengthening or building. It comes with various exercises to build skill-related parameters. One of the goals of RushFit is to induce metabolic stress through non-linear manipulating program variables and also training modes including power, endurance, and quickness.

How about the format? It is presented in six DVDs showing unique training goals. RushFit users can start the eight week program with general conditioning. After that, every individual then follows a more technical and tactical approach. There are training calendars given to users, starting from beginner to advanced conditioning levels. This also includes recovery days.

Here are some DVD workouts that RushFit offers to home fitness program enthusiasts:

  1. Strength and Endurance
  2. The Fight Conditioning Workout
  3. Explosive Power Training
  4. Full-body Strength and Conditioning
  5. Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning
  6. Balance, Agility and Stretch (Bonus DVD)

2. Program Characteristics

RushFit training sessions take place five to six days per week and are divided into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. For the beginner program there is additional cardio sessions (two to three per week for about 30 minutes) that progress to a minimum of 40 minutes at 70–80% of MHR (maximum heart rate). Meanwhile, for the intermediate program, there is additional cardio one to two times per week for at least 30 minutes, eventually moving to a minimum of 40 minutes at 70–80% of MHR. As for the advanced program, the additional cardio is one to two times per week for about 30 minutes which then moves to a minimum of 40 minutes at 70–80% of MHR. The duration of each session is between 16 to 20 minutes, and is regarded as a consistent warm-up or cool-down along with the stretching program. As for the workouts, there are five circuits with some repeated. They are done in five minute sessions with approximately 60 seconds of recovery between circuits.

The program layout of RushFit focuses on three program levels. Beginner levels follow lower volume (frequency) and intensity (DVD program) to develop base conditioning. Intermediate and advanced levels increase training volume (frequency) and intensity. The program layout is generally consistent (i.e., specific programs on set days, and programs repeat on a consistent basis).

RushFit Sample Workouts

GSP RushFit ReviewAs a home fitness program starring an MMA champion, RushFit comes as a six workout DVD series with each consisting of high intensity and highly efficient “MMA round” circuits. All of the workouts start and end with the same warm up and cool down. For most people, the workout seems to be too short. Here are the day-to-day workouts:

Day 1: Strength and Endurance Workout

This workout lasts for 47 minutes starting from the warm up to cool down. The warm up consists of side bends, torso twists, backward lunges, walk outs, lateral lunges, walk out push-ups, push-ups (plus alternating lateral planks), straight ups, air squats, and opposite leg and arm extensions. The actual workout consists of five rounds:

  • Round 1: air squats, push-ups (hands off), iso squats, back extension, pop-ups.
  • Round 2: more air squats, squat thrusts, burpees, push-ups, and alternating lateral planks.
  • Round 3: exercises all include two dumbbells and lateral lunges, bent over rows, overhead presses, rotating curls, and alternating upright rows.
  • Round 4: single heavy dumbbell, high pulls, single arm swings, diagonal presses, and one leg single arm rows.
  • Round 5: floor exercises, half get-ups, single hand twisting floor press, and prone alternating dumbbell rows.

Day 2: Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning

The day two workout starts with the same warm-up as presented throughout the whole six-day workouts. The warm-up features bodyweight motions (60 seconds each). This allows you to work every muscle in a very functional manner to warm-up the body. Then, the workout focuses on the abdominals, glutes, and back. The actual workout is performed in five rounds. The exercises include floor work, standing core work, and weighted as well as bodyweight-only exercises.

Day 3: The Fight and Conditioning Workout

The workout consists of punches, elbows, kicks, blocks, sprawls, grappling and submission moves.

Day 4: Explosive Power Training

The actual workout consists of five rounds, and the exercises include: seal jacks, jumping jacks, front and back running, crossovers, alternate bounding, jump squat, ice skaters, plyo push up, burpee, high knees, plyo pop up, picking up light dumb bells, plyo burpee, wrists down, db punch, db power clean, forward bounding, db push press, db power clean press, lateral bounding, and fencers lunge.

Day 5: Full Body Strength and Conditioning

The first round in this workout consists of two exercises: Hindu push-ups and air squats. The remaining circuits consist of four exercises, including renegade rows, piston squats, clean and press, squat thrusts, and many more.

Day 6: Bonus Workout

This bonus workout starts with the same warm-up and cool down shown throughout the whole six-day workouts.

RushFit Merits (Pros)

  • Shorter workouts compared to others.
  • Cheery and best to motivate you.
  • RushFit will crack you up with the French Canadian accent as well as quirky sense of humour.
  • Featuring an excellent instructor, Eric Owings, who is very detail oriented, concise and clear.
  • The workouts are very good and can leave you pooped yet pumped.
  • Hardware required: dumbbells only.
  • Features good (and mixed up) movements as well as different body parts that are worked. You will not see these in other home workouts.
  • Can be re-done on advanced and intermediate.

RushFit Drawbacks (Cons)

  • There are some complex movements like the Turkish get up which may result in injury if not done properly.
  • There is simply too much chit chat separating the warm-up and the actual workout, as well as the actual workout and the cool down.


RushFit is an innovative home fitness program that has recently become a top selling program all over the world. And when it comes to pricing, the training program is only $99.99 which is very affordable for everyone. Great program with a great value!


All in all, RushFit is considered as an excellent training program that will transform ordinary bodies. As an eight-week fitness program starring an excellent trainer and instructor, of course RushFit does require your time commitment. This program presents key movement patterns and foundational instructions including squats, push-ups, lunges, sit-ups, dumbbell exercises, and rotations. However, the program misses several important technique cues. There are some movements which are “not recommended to do at home,” but overall, the workouts are simple compared to other fitness programs. Meanwhile, another good point of RushFit is about the trainer, Erik Owings, who is an excellent resource as he demonstrates a great and solid understanding of exercise programming and science. If you want to get more physically fit as well as lose weight or build muscle mass, this product is recommended for you.

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