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Muscle Toning Exercises for Women


Many women think that they can lose weight dramatically and achieve a sexy healthy body by just performing cardiovascular exercises without engaging themselves in muscle toning workouts. As a matter of fact, it is muscle that causes their body metabolism to increase. Building more muscle means higher metabolism. So, if you want to tone your body and get curvy body envied by other women, you need to find the right muscle toning exercises.

Before you search for the best exercises to tone your muscle significantly, you need to understand your real goals. Whether you desire to tighten up your muscles or improve cardiovascular stamina, you have a huge array of choices when determining what types of muscle toning exercises you want to perform. You may opt for exercises that target the muscles as well as give the lungs and heart a workout. You can also decide which muscles you want to tone alone, or at the same time; is it your arms, legs, chest, backs, or abs? Is it a combination of them all? Most women tend to initially tone their arm muscles. The following are samples of muscle toning exercises for women that will work out the arms.

Arm Muscles Toning Exercises

Women absolutely want to focus on their loose underarms, tightening them as well as sculpting their biceps and shoulders. Unlike men, women’s focus is on toning and shaping, not building huge and visible muscle mass. There are three effective arm toning exercises for sculpting, toning and at the same time slimming women arm muscles. Remember to always do the stretching exercises or warm ups before doing any of the core exercises.

  1. Weighted Bicep Twists
    muscle toning exercises for women weighted bicep twistsThis is considered a very effective workout to tone arm muscles since it combines curls and lifts. However, weighted bicep twists involve weights that are lighter than those typically utilized for bicep curls. To begin with, you can hold a weight in each of your hands and then stand up with your feet spaced shoulder width apart. You need to stand up tall as well as maintain a straightened back. After that, drop your shoulders then press your arms straight facing your sides with fingers directed forward. Next, bend the elbows and lift the weights up moving to the shoulders. Be certain that your upper arms are tightened against your sides. Keep lifting the weights and then turn your hands until your fingers face inward. With the upper arms, try to raise your weights over your head. Then, lower the weights and rotate your hands to their original position. Do as many repetitions of this muscle toning exercise for women as you can.
  2. Weighted Triceps Curls
    muscle toning exercises for women weighted triceps curlsFor most women, having saggy underarms is a nightmare. Fortunately, they can engage themselves in weighted triceps curls as the most effective muscle toning exercise for women to fix the problem. But remember to be moderate while picking weights for such exercises, you can begin with light weight. The weight can be gradually increased once you’ve found yourself mastered the technique. First, hold the chosen weight in your hand and raise both arms straight up. Next, bend the elbows back so that your hands touch your back. After that, pick the single weight up using both hands while trying to straighten the elbows so that your arms are lifted straight up again. Then, bend your elbows slowly as you touch your back. Do a significant number of repetitions if you want sleek arms.
  3. Push Ups
    muscle toning exercises for women push upsYou may have already been doing this exercise since it is among the most popular exercises among women. Push ups are simple and easy, but they really work, especially when you want to really tone your muscles in your arms. While performing this movement, place your hands straight in order to work your biceps more. You can turn the hands to a 90 degree angle with your fingers facing in to work your triceps more. Pushups can be done by everyone, regardless of their sex, age or fitness level. You can begin with pushups from your knees and then move to pushups from your toes; finally you can move on to pushups with one hand.

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