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Top Workout Programs For Men and Women


A physically fit and well toned body will not come to you in just one night. To get such perfect body structure, everybody needs to have both a high commitment and a good plan. Some people may think that healthy diet and good rest is all they need to reach their dream body, but unfortunately they are wrong. Men and women, regardless their fitness level as well as age, need to do workout programs in order to own a healthy, sleek and well built body. If you are looking to tone your body, these top workout programs must be on your first checklist.

workout programs for men

There are actually a huge number of fitness training programs available online or in your local gym that are specially designed to provide you with guidance. Selecting the best workout programs is a must for men and women who want to get the maximum results and prevent injury. If you have time and money, you can see professional fitness trainers or go to a gym. But if you are busy, finding the right workout programs on the internet can be a good solution. You can perform these workouts at home, with little to no equipment required. Still, it is recommended that you consult with gym fitness trainers to help you find the right exercises that suit your body.

This article will show you the top 10 workout programs for men and women. Some of the workouts can be performed at home while others are done in a gym. Follow one that suits your schedule. The following workout programs are simple and should be completed three or four times in a week depending on your schedule. However, remember to always do warm ups or stretching before getting started with the actual workouts in order to prevent injuries, joint or muscle problems.

Workout Programs for Men

  1. Shoulders and Arms Workouts. These types of workout programs should be done in a gym. To target your shoulders, you can try to perform cable rears, bar military presses, machine shoulder presses, as well as side lateral raises. For your biceps, do dumbbell biceps curl and standing biceps curls. And for the triceps, seated triceps extension are good.
  2. Chest and Abdomen Training. These types of workout programs should also be done in a gym. To improve your chest, do cable chest presses and bench presses (decline close-grip). For your abdomen, you can perform Bicycle Kicks, Abdominal Reverse Curls, Inclined Reverse Crunches, Barbell workouts, and Standing Oblique Crunches.
  3. Muscle Back Training. When you target your back muscles, try Cable Seated Low Rows or Lat Pull Downs.
  4. Leg Strengthening. Done in a gym, the Machine Leg Curl, as well as Machine Leg Presses, are perfect workouts for you.
  5. Push-Ups. This simplest and most common exercise that can be done at home.
  6. Dead Lifts. This workout routine for men includes a barbell. The barbell should be placed in front of the lifter. This weight lifting exercise is intended to stretch your back as well as thighs.
  7. Side-to-Side Lunges. You can perform such lunge exercises to target your leg muscles. Strengthening the legs muscles is important for men.
  8. Body Weight Squats. These squats are performed to strengthen the muscles of legs, thighs, glutes, the quads, and also hamstrings.

Workout Programs for Women

Workout programs for women and men do not differ too much. The difference would be the specific goals of the programs. Most women focus on burning fat or losing weight, while men on building muscle.workout programs for women

  1. Strength training workouts
    Strength training workouts do not always result in masculine look. Women can do these workouts to burn fat significantly and get sleek, sexy bodies. They will absolutely retain their shapely female form, build lean muscle as well as burn off extra calories by performing strength training workouts.
  2. Cardio Training
    Cardio workouts are popular among women. When a woman goes to a gym or sets up a fitness training program at home, she tends to do cardio a lot more than other exercises, especially weight lifting. Combining good strength training workouts and cardio exercises can dramatically transform a women’s body. Cardio training can be done anywhere, in a gym, at home, and even at the office.

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