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Upper Body Workout Plan and Routines


If you want to do anything smoothly and get the best results, a good plan is a must. This also works when you are trying to tone your body, burn fat, improve your health and build muscle mass. Focus and commitment are the most important key factors when it comes to metabolic conditioning or bodybuilding. If you want to strengthen your back, chest, and arms, then you need to focus on upper body training routines. All you need is to get an effective upper body workout plan and routines.

Gaining some muscle mass on your upper body is not a difficult thing to do as long as you have the right workout plan and routines in place. If you have difficulty and have struggled to gain muscle in the past, do not lose your hope since you have the chance now to reach your expected result without spending too much time in a gym or consuming excessive, expensive supplements. How? You need to take a look at the following upper body workout plan and routines, including the tricks for more efficient workouts.

Effective Upper Body Workouts

  1. Chest press using stability ball and dumbbells. First, get the gym ball and lie back on it with the dumbbells placed for chest presses. You need to make certain that your head is safely supported by the gym ball. Your buttocks should be elevated to a certain point and you must be parallel to the floor. While keeping your body in this position, perform chest presses.upper body workout plan chest press
  2. Circuit training routines. This workout is part of an upper body workout plan and routines to burn fat and shape your body. Use circuit training routines to build your muscles as well as improve upper body strength. You can start by moving through several sets of exercises and performing a single set at each station. Each set will last for up to 60 seconds; do not forget to reduce the time for rest between two sets. Repeat the circuit training up to five times everyday.
  3. Next, you can stand with each hand holding a dumbbell. Make sure that your thighs are width apart. After that, bend at your knees and the waist as well at a 45 degree angle. Lower the dumbbells and before your arms are extended totally, pull the dumbbells up to your hips. Keep your chest out and shoulders back. This is what we call bent over dumbbell rows.upper body workout plan bent over dumbbell rows
  4. The next part to this upper body workout is seated rows to shoulder presses. Use two dumbbells and sit on your workout ball. Your arms should hang and the dumbbells should be positioned under your hamstrings. Next, perform an upright row. After reaching the top of the row, rotate your shoulders to a press pose. From there, shoulder press the weights. Your shoulders should rotate the dumbbells after the press back to the starting point.upper body workout plan seated rows to shoulder presses
  5. Pike up. Place your hands on top of the floor and your shins on your stability ball. Make sure your legs are straight and that your lower back is not loose. Make sure that your abdomen is tight as well. After that, jackknife your body.upper body workout plan pike up
  6. Finally, take a knee while holding your stability ball before you. Keep your hands above the ball and arms straight. Ensure that your hips continue to extend. From there, roll the stability ball away from you. Keep straight arms and then bring it back to you. This is called a straight arm rollout.upper body workout plan straight arm rollout

Of course, there are tricks you can follow while implementing the above upper body workout plan and routines. Remember that any type of workout you choose should focus on three exercises that work three major muscle groups: your chest, your shoulders and your back. So, focus on performing bench presses, shoulder presses, and lat pulldowns.

Now, how to make all of those exercise effective? The key is your approach toward your training routine. Your goal is to get a toned upper body but making sure not to neglect the lower body. While doing these routines, make sure that you give each muscle group one day rest between your workouts. To begin with upper body workout plan and routines, try to spend four weeks focusing on strength gains and four weeks maximizing muscle growth. You can also increase the repetitions as well as incorporate supersets.


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